Ten issues of 7POST were produced between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2015 by Jean-baptiste Pauchard and Prosper Keating. 

The high quality tabloid format journal was designed to function in unison with the 7 POST App, a 3D and Augmented Reality application for smartphones and tablets, thereby bridging the gap between print and virtual fashion media.


7 POST was co-founded in June 2013 by Jean-baptiste Pauchard and Prosper Keating with Steve Hiett after the collapse of the quarterly fashion magazine 7000 in May 2013 following a dispute between 7000 founder Pauchard and the other two shareholders of 7000. Hiett was the Art Director of 7000, whose title he had conceived, and Keating had just joined as 7000's Features Editor.

The title comprised the number 7 from Hiett's 7000 title and the virtual and social media-related term 'post'.

Early dummy issues featuring photographic portfolios by Peter Lindbergh and Harri Peccinotti were designed but rejected in favour of the format used for the double Issue Zero of 7 POST, freely distributed with a beta version of the7 POST application during Paris Fashion Week in the Fall of 2013.

Android smartphone and tablet users enjoyed the 7 POST App but initial interest from advertisers evaporated after Apple Store rejected the 7 POST App for reasons never fully explained but probably related to 7 POST's edgier content.

7 POST was produced in Paris by the London-based company Highway Production Ltd, set up with Pauchard and his former employer Bruno Ledoux as shareholders. A property magnate, Ledoux was also the controversial co-owner of the French daily newspaper Libération. As a consequence, there was talk of 7 POST replacing Libération's ailing fashion supplement NEXT.  Groupe Libération also signed a contract with Highway Production to produce a Libération-branded version of the application. However, neither Ledoux nor his directors were able to impose their will on the employees of Groupe Libération.

The first commercial issue of 7 POST went on sale in the Fall of 2014 with a world print exclusive of the now famous Homage series with actor John Malkovich, offered to Keating by his longtime friend, the photographer Sandro Miller. Hiett had withdrawn from the project so Pauchard named himself Art Director, redesigning the title and the layout of the magazine but retaining much of Hiett's general style.

7 POST #1 was followed by four issues, 7 POST #4 and #5 beng bundled with special Men's editions, the second of which was entirely shot by Ellen von Unwerth. 7 POST #5 appeared in July 2015 with a double cover featuring top models Diana Moldovan and Alena Blohm, the latter shot by Steve Hiett.

Following a Highway Production shareholder revolt against Pauchard's management style in July 2015, no further issues of 7 POST magazine were produced. However, a special Art issue of 7 POST produced by Keating and Pauchard that month led to the derivative magazine 7 POST ART PARIS.

Two issues of 7 POST ART PARIS were produced in September and November 2015 as communications tools for pop-up photographic exhibitions organised under the 7 POST banner with Ellen von Unwerth and Félix Larher.