never loved you..

The original 7 POST strove to find and publish new talent. We were particularly interested in promoting female talent because the fashion industry, in Europe at any rate, gives fewer chances to women.

One of our favourites was LaurieLou, who shot this story in an hôtel particulier in central Paris belonging to 7 POST shareholder Bruno Ledoux. It is an old school fashion editorial with a narrative, a homage to past times when the photographic aesthetic of fashion magazines was driven by editors and stylists who possessed enough culture to be able to press readers' cultural buttons.

NEVER LOVED YOU was styled by Loanna Haseltine using nothing but couture dresses very kindly lent at the last minute by Alexis Mabille, one of the youngest designers to be accorded the couturier title in modern times.

1980s male model Mark Le Roy and Joy Hellinga played their parts, coiffed and made up by Jonathan Dadoun and Camille Diehart with extra help from manicurist Anglie Moullin.

The story never made it into the print edition because 7POST ceased to appear in July 2015. But it deserved to be printed if only because the unreliability of computer and tablet screens sometimes robs the images of their depth of colour and shading.