When 7POST co-founder Jean-baptiste Pauchard launched his Parisian gallery Studio57 in 2016, he intended to publish a house magazine entitled STUDIO57. STUDIO57 would be identical in format to 7POST ART but with a new title, rather as he had rebranded SOON magazine as 7000 with Steve Hiett in 2013.

The fact that he was not the exclusive owner of the 7POST title and logo did not deter Pauchard and his new partners. These post-2015 issues of 7POST are not magazines. They are catalogues for the photographic prints exhibited at Studio57. Since Norman Seeff entrusted his travelling exhibition to Pauchard for this exhibition, he has been unable to recover his property.

Studio57 is being liquidated by the French authorities and Jean-baptiste Pauchard is under investigation for fraud and money-laundering. The co-owners of the 7POST title and logo never bothered to sue Pauchard for his theft of intellectual property because every issue he produced by himself underlined his lack of talent as an editor and art director.

We chose this Norman Seeff issue because it was the only issue produced by Pauchard and his associates that we considered worthy of this website and that is only because of Norman Seeff’s talent as a photographer.