Two issues of 7 POST ART PARIS were produced in September and November 2015 as communications tools for pop-up photographic exhibitions organised under the 7 POST banner with Ellen von Unwerth and Félix Larher. The layout was similar to 7 POST but the magazines were printed on thinner paper. They were given away at the exhibition openings and sold through selected kiosks in Paris. A third issue for Miami Art Basel entitled 7 POST ART MIAMI was never produced.

7p_art3_cover_berrick lite.jpg

There were plans to relaunch 7 POST ART as the house publication of Jean-baptiste Pauchard's new photographic gallery Studio57 in the up and coming Arts et Métiers district of Paris. However, Pauchard's partners wanted to capitalise on the 7 POST brand. In September 2015, a third issue of 7 POST ART PARIS appeared for an exhibition at Studio57 by the Australian artist John Berrick in the presence of the Australian Ambassador.

Pauchard and Keating ceased collaborating shortly afterwards but Pauchard has since produced a few issues of 7 POST ART PARIS and 7 POST through Studio57.