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7 POST was conceived as a print media trigger for the 7 POST 3D and Augmented Reality application for smartphones and tablets. Code within the images on the printed pages activated the scanning-based software written into the application.

Objects in the images floated above the page and could be examined in 3D by manipulating the screen of your smartphone or tablet or by moving the apparatus 'around' the image. The background remained in shot and children had a lot of fun trying to reach around to grab the image or the girl standing above the page like a 1970s Star Wars hologram.

The 7 POST application worked with any image on any material, including teeshirts, and could also be triggered by onscreen images, as the screenshot of the Dior handbag floating in front of an onscreen image treated to work with the application shows.

The application also contained written and visual content as well as video and audio content. Readers could link straight to external websites if they were connected to the Internet.

The 7 POST application was however rejected by Apple Store for reasons that were never clearly explained. So while it could be downloaded and enjoyed by Android users when the experimental Issue Zero of 7 POST was launched during Paris Fashion in the Fall of 2013, Apple users were excluded.

As a consequence, fashion and luxury industry advertisers who saw the obvious potential lost interest. Later attempts in 2014 to produce a branded version for the French daily newspaper Libération and a Highway Production-branded version were unsuccessful for various reasons, including Apple Store's bizarre approval system.

In July 2015, Highway Production shareholders attempted to take over the company and oust Jean-baptiste Pauchard on the pretext of Pauchard's refusal to show them the company's accounts. However, one of their aims was to gain possession of the 7 POST App.

Although their takeover attempt was unsuccessful, no further editions of 7 POST magazine were pubished after July 2015 although Highway Production did produce a couple of editions of the spin-off title 7 POST ART. In December 2015, Highway Production was closed down and its assets seized y the British Crown.