7 POST 2013 - 2015 †

7 POST was first produced as an experimental magazine in the Autumn of 2013 by Jean-baptiste Pauchard and Prosper Keating after the collapse of the quarterly fashion magazine 7000 following problems between Pauchard and the shareholders.

Designed by iconic graphic artist Steve Hiett, the high quality tabloid format journal was designed to function in unison with the 7 POST App, a 3D and Augmented Reality application for smartphones and tablets, thereby bridging the gap between print and virtual fashion media.

Android smartphone and tablet users enjoyed the 7 POST App but initial interest from advertisers evaporated after Apple Store rejected the 7 POST App for reasons never fully explained but probably related to 7 POST's edgier content.

The project was supported by property magnate Bruno Ledoux. A majority shareholder of the French newspaper Libération, Ledoux placed large offices on the prestigious rue de Rivoli in Paris at 7 POST's disposal. Plans to replace Libération's fashion supplement NEXT with 7 POST were proposed but rejected by Libération staff. A Libération-branded version of the 7 POST APP was paid for but no content was ever supplied.

Early dummy issues of 7 POST featuring portfolios by Peter Lndbergh and Harri Peccinotti were designed by Steve Hiett but replaced by the format used for the double Issue Zero of 7 POST. Ten issues of 7 POST were produced before a shareholder revolt against Pauchard in the summer of 2015 and the original 7 POST ceased publication.