7 POST 2013 - 2015 †

The original 7POST was a tabloid format fashion magazine launched in 2013 as part of an Augmented Reality and 3D smartphone and pad experiment. It was conceived and produced by Steve Hiett, Prosper Keating and Jean-baptiste Pauchard. 7POST was published by Highway Production Ltd in London. One of Highway Production's major shareholders was Bruno Ledoux, the French property magnate who had bought himself a controlling share in the French newspaper Libération.

Apple Store refused to carry the 7POST application because of its edgy content but eleven print issues of 7POST were published between September 2013 and July 2015. The art issue published in July 2015 was followed by two issues of 7POST ART PARIS, published in conjunction with pop-up exhibitions organised with Ellen von Unwerth and Felix Larher.

In July 2015 Ledoux and other shareholders tried to oust Pauchard as CEO of Highway Production Ltd and gain control of 7POST. The hostile takeover bid led to the closure of 7POST but the rebels were unable to exploit it because Highway Production Ltd held no intellectual property rights in the print and virtual editions of 7POST, including the application.

Before returning to property dealing, Bruno Ledoux arranged for the Libératon offices to be transferred from their chic Paris building to a drab suburb as part of spending cuts deemed necessary for the newspaper's survival.

In 2016 and 2017 Jean-baptiste Pauchard produced several issues of 7POST ART and 7POST through Studio57, an ambitious but short-lived exhibition venture. Neither Steve Hiett nor Prosper Keating were involved with these editions.